Everything around us is automated. Whether it’s the vending machine in your office or online shopping, there is hardly anything which isn’t influenced by digital technology. Yet there are many businesses which still rely on the manual, paper-based visitor management systems, Not only these are outdated systems, but also difficult and time-consuming to manage. Most importantly, they are not error-free and do not provide any security against potential threats.

Thus, an automatic or electronic visitor management system is a one-stop solution for all your problems. If you’re confused between choosing a electronic VMS or continuing with a manual system, then you should take a look at the benefits of electronic VMS that your business can gain.

1.Ensures security and safety

The biggest advantage of an automated visitor management system is that it protects your organization by quickly and accurately identifying the visitors. Building security and employee safety is a top priority in most of the organizations and software-based lobby security will help you in the same.

2. Cost-Savvy

With an automated system, the processing cost of each visitor is reduced over time. This implies significant cost savings. Other costs such that are related to breach of security are eliminated because of a robust electronic visitor management system.

3. Increased Efficiency

Have you ever noticed that the paper-based system has so many hassles and is difficult to maintain? An electronic visitor management system uses state-of-the-art cameras, scanners, and software to screen your visitors while registering and badging them. This will not only save time for your lobby staff but also help them in being updated on the arrivals of your visitors.

4. Enhanced Visibility and accountability

An automated visitor management software lets you identify anyone who is in your building at any time. Moreover, your staff will be able to scrutinize and understand the pattern of visitors because of the software.

5. Boosts employee morale

As your employees in the lobby would be equipped to welcome the visitors warmly and efficiently, it will improve the image of your organization. In addition, since your employees will be safe and secure because of the automated system, it will boost their morale.

6. Pre-registration of visitors

An electronic visitor system allows you to pre-register your guests or visitors. If a visitor is scheduled for a meeting, you can be prepared in advance and plan ahead of the time. Additionally, confirmation emails, safety instructions, and other meeting details can be sent to any visitor. This saves time and energy and also speeds up the sign-in process of the visitor.


An efficient electronic visitor management system is good for everyone. For your organization, it has benefits of saving time and money along with enhanced safety and security.If you’re looking for a complete solution if visitor registration, badging, tracking, and management, then Visitly will be a good service to consider. It is convenient and saves time for your visitors.

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