Whether it is a potential client, a candidate for an interview, a supplier, or a lawyer, a visitor is any person other than your employees in your workplace. To identify and manage the visitors, organizations require a robust visitor management system. But choosing an efficient visitor management system is crucial because it not only enhances the security but also offers valuable insights for your business operations.

Therefore, you should pick a visitor management system which meets your organization’s needs. Let’s take a look at the factors which you should look for while choosing a visitor management system.

1. Basic VMS vs Cloud-based VMS

To determine which type of VMS will be more suitable for your organization, staffing is a vital factor. Some organizations have open lobbies while others rely on the receptionist. In case of a staffed front desk, a basic VMS that will assist the receptionist is good enough.

Nevertheless, a modern, cloud-based visitor management system would be more appropriate if you want to provide a user-friendly experience to your guests. So even if there is no receptionist at the desk, the guests can easily fill in their details and check-in themselves.


2. Simple and Intuitive

Visitor management is a simple problem and should have a simple solution. You should be able to setup and be up and running with your VMS in minutes without any expert installation. The system should give you required customization options but they should be very simple for a common user or receptionist to navigate and configure.


3. Large Data or Small Data

Do you often get stuck when your visitor logs are full and you don’t know what to do with them? Well, a simple solution to fix this problem is a cloud-based system. With a cloud-based system, a visitor can simply feed his/her data in it and the cloud stores it. So, no more tedious data entry.

In addition, with a cloud-based system, you can access your data from any part of the world. You can easily keep track of who checked-in, checked-out, time of arrival, etc.

Thus, opt for a visitor management system such as Visitly where everything is cloud-hosted and available 24×7.

4. Level of Security

In 2015-16, 79% of public schools in the US reported one or more incidents of violence, theft or other crimes that amount to 1.4 million. Simply put, 28 crimes per 1000 students enrolled in 2015-16.

Clearly, organizations like schools, hospitals, etc, where visitors come and leave on a daily basis, need a proper identification system. A paper-based system or a basic VMS is inefficient in such cases as it does not add extra layers of security. A biometric visitor management system that utilizes fingerprint and iris technology is perfect for such places that need a high level of security.

The ability of a VMS to provide security depends on its software and hardware. Features like face detection, emergency notifications, permission to carry electronics and more give your organization multiple levels of security.

Thus, depending on the nature of your business, choose a system which guarantees hundred percent security of your employees.

A visitor management system such as Visitly is facial recognition enabled, thus making the sign-in process really quick and you can get a hold of a particular visitor’s data within a few seconds. It also prints instant photo badges for visitors along with their information.

5. Customizable

Whether you run a hotel or a law firm, big or small business, government or private, every organization is different as are their needs. That’s why there is no one size fits all solution visitor management system. A customizable visitor management system can cater to your different business demands.

A modern and up-to-date CMS offers a high degree of customizability. For example, when a visitor is arriving, they will be greeted at the portal with your company’s logo and color theme. The branding experience of your company can start right from the entrance, setting you apart from your competitors. On the other hand, if you would rather use the VMS for its main function, you can go for a basic version.

With Visitly, you can use the default setup or customize the system as per your needs. You can design your own look, sign-in flows, visitor categories, and many more things.

6. Data Reports

Another important feature that you should look for in visitor management is the ability to generate reports. You should be able to learn about your visitors at any given time. Reports should include real-time data, visitor information and it should also be able to export the data in a shareable format.

Although there is a first-time installation cost involved when you switch to a VMS, it is totally worthy. You can boost your efficiency by getting a report of all the visitors. For instance, when there is a walk-in interview, all the candidates get registered with minimal effort and you get their important details. This can also work for frequent suppliers or vendor visits. So if you want to make the most of your VMS, choose one that is feature-rich. Not only will it enhance the accuracy of visitor data but will also help you to search, sort and analyze the data.

With Visitly, you can export and archive all the visitor data. You can also access the visitor log with live search which gives you visitor data with the picture, important documents, etc.


 7. Multiple Locations Vs Single Location

Before deciding which visitor management system is best for you, you should consider the size of your organization. If there is a single location entrance, then you can opt for any basic reliable VMS. Conversely, if you need to manage multiple sites from a central hub, you should definitely go for an upgraded automated visitor management system. The dashboard of such VMS will keep you updated on all networks from a single location.

The rich web dashboards of Visitly help you in managing your sites, locations, devices and any other settings with an easy to use navigation and UI. You can manage your staff based on the visitor traffic and other key metrics provided by the dashboard.


Choosing a visitor management system doesn’t have to be so complicated if you are clear about the needs of your business. First, determine the size, nature, degree of security and other requirements of your organization. Then, select the option that best fits your needs and budget.

A trendy system like Visitly is not only customizable but also comes with up-to-date features and integration. So, create the best first impression on your guests with Visitly.

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