About Us

Idea of Visitly originated from personal experiences of our founding team. In their professional careers, they had first hand experiences at workplaces where there is inefficient and manual visitor management process. There are many small and large organizations, that are continuously struggling with the the current process of managing visitors, notifying hosts and keeping track of visitor data for auditing. The current process and systems are heavily manual and inefficient. The team came up with an idea to create a platform that solves this not just for enterprises but also for small businesses, education institutions, day cares and many other places where there is need to quick check-in.

After numerous hours of interviews and research with frontdesk professionals, building managers, receptionists, HR managers, we identified features that can benefit variety of use case and is easy to set-up and use by various users. What we believe is businesses should be able to setup Visitly and be up and running within minutes without any technical knowledge. Visitly also believes that as a budding business or a small shop, you should not have to pay tons of money to get enterprise grade solutions. Therefore, we offer the most affordable pricing so that you can modernize and optimize sign in experience for your visitors without paying 10s of thousands of dollars. As your business grows, we grow together.