Announcing Visitly 2.0 ✨

We’re excited to announce that the Visitly iPad application has undergone a significant redesign to create a more consistent and contemporary experience for both visitors and employees. Here are some of the noteworthy changes that have been implemented:

General Changes

To improve branding, accessibility, and readability, the home screen will now always feature a white background, and background images are no longer supported.

The application will now use only the primary color and its variations, eliminating the need to configure button text color, background color, etc. These options are no longer available on the Admin portal.

Action Required : Please ensure that your current color scheme is compatible with the new design. If necessary, log in to the Admin portal and select one of the supported colors as your primary color.

For Visitors
  • A new full name screen has been added to enable better search for pre-registered users.
  • Facial recognition is now available on a separate screen, providing a more streamlined visitor experience if enabled.
  • The QR code reading option has been given a more prominent placement for pre-registered visitors, returning visitors, and sign-out.
  • The visitor type selection has been simplified for better readability.
  • The visitor form screen and photo capture screen have been redesigned for enhanced user experience.
  • The ID capture screen has been revamped for greater usability.
  • The confirmation screen has been improved.
  • With iOS 16, visitors can now print badges, and contactless sign-in badges can be printed.
  • Visitors must now accept the privacy policy before entering any information, which is now location-specific instead of visitor type-specific.

Action Required : After upgrading the app, you may need to delete and reinstall it and link it to your location if it doesn’t recognize the earlier authentication. If you’re a Starter plan customer, please delete the device from the Admin portal before adding the iPad again with the new version of the Visitly app.

For Admins
  • A new “Location Administrator” role has been created to assign users to specific locations for management purposes. The Frontdesk and Evacuation Manager roles can also be limited to specific locations.
  • The device setup and admin screens have been overhauled for greater simplicity.
For Employees

The experience has been entirely redesigned.


If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact our support team at [email protected].

See Visitly 2.0 Experience in action below