Visitor Management System: The Future of Office Security

Visitor Management System: The Future of Office Security The Future of Office Security: is changing how visitors are managed in today’s world when businesses everywhere are concerned about the safety of their office spaces. With the rise of digital transformation, the need for a robust and innovative visitor management system has never been more

Kiosks are Dead, Long live the Kiosk

Kiosks are Dead, Long live the Kiosk   Due to the Coronavirus Pandemic many companies in different sectors and industries have had to adopt new technologies. Many of these new technologies are completely contactless. These contactless technologies have been adapted by all sectors and industries around the world. Here are a couple of examples of

How to configure Visitly for COVID-19

Capture information from Visitors on potential exposure Add a custom field for additional information you would like to capture. For example, you can have a Radio button field as “Potential COVID-19 Exposure” with option of Yes or No. Navigate to your location and edit visitor types to include this custom field on the forms and

Digitize Your Reception with Visitor Management App for iPad

A study conducted in the US and UK summarized that at least two people out of every five view a company negatively if their experience at the reception was not up-to-the-mark and lackadaisical. Face-to-face meetings contribute significantly to overall business revenues across all industries. And you would typically want your visitors who come to your

Choosing High Configurability Visitor Management App

Modern-day workplace needs to be safe and secure. This makes it imperative that the best visitor management app is chosen by offices, schools, apartments, hospitals, hotels and other public places. A professional app in the reception is a great way to create a positive brand impression about the company. Following are the high configurability features

Visitor Sign in Software iPad – A Perfect Option To Manage The Visitors

Visitor Management System has helped many commercial spaces and offices much better managed. Using visitor sign in software iPad has helped in saving a lot of time, improving efficiency, and ultimately improving productivity. In several open floor plan offices, flex workplaces, and informal working places, there is no standard system of checking-in guests or visitors.

iPad Visitor Management – The Best Way to Keep Record of Your Visitors

Visitor Management has advanced and evolved in these modern times with various making this task easier, hassle-free, efficient, and quicker than ever. This system helps to greet, identify, and efficiently move along visitors. In informal organizations with no standardized systems in place, using iPad Visitor Management can prove to be a huge benefit. There is no

Visitor Sign in Software iPad – A Fastest Growing Way for Visitor Management

Universally, from the arrival of a visitor at the reception or the front office to finally getting the meeting underway with the employee or the host, there is enough time wasted in unnecessary waiting. This was till the Visitor sign-in software iPad came into existence! Today, with the use of the latest digitized method, visitors

iPad Visitor Management – Record the Information of Each and Every Visitor

A visitor management system at the front desk helps capture visitor information that is crucial data. This is important in today’s times in order to protect and safeguard your organization’s data, employee details, and also the property overall. One aspect of the visitor management system is the point where the visitor data is being captured

Advantages of Electronic Visitor Management System

The use of an electronic visitor management system has increased to an exponential level in the past few years. This system ensures easy and quick check-ins and tracking of visitors visiting an establishment. This system has replaced traditional visitor sign-in books and offering multiple benefits to the users. Here, we discuss some of the best advantages of