Advantages of Electronic Visitor Management System

The use of an electronic visitor management system has increased to an exponential level in the past few years. This system ensures easy and quick check-ins and tracking of visitors visiting an establishment. This system has replaced traditional visitor sign-in books and offering multiple benefits to the users. Here, we discuss some of the best advantages of

Digitize Your in and out Board with iPad Visitor Sign in App

Every business premise witnesses an influx and departure of clients, customers, visitors, and vendors daily. Every business has a system in place to manage the coming and going of visitors. In some places, the system is pretty straightforward. Here, the guests sign in as soon as they enter the building and they are escorted or

Importance of Electronic Visitor Management System

Many companies spend an enormous amount of money on visitor management systems. From printing the visitors’ cards to maintaining logbooks and scanning documents, there are several systems in place to tackle the safety issues. The advent of electronic visitor management systems has made the job much easier. The electronic visitor management systems or the integrated

Merits Of iPad Visitor Sign in App in Business

Are you contemplating on installing an iPad visitor sign-in app for your front office? It can definitely get that first impression on the clients and investors alike! However, it is not the only merit that the iPad Visitor’s app has on offer. There are many benefits of having an automated visitor’s login and some are

Guide for GDPR Compliance for Visitor Management

After coming into effect in May 2018, GDPR, or General Data Protection Regulation, has been the most important decision in data privacy regulation in the Europe Union since 1995. The decision comes with new changes that can have a major impact on businesses that rely on gathering and processing data, like a visitor management system.

7 Effective Ways to Implement Your Visitor Management System

Whether it’s a corporate office, warehouse or a store front, if you have a business that gets a lot of visitors on a daily basis, then it can be difficult to track the records of so many people manually. Therefore, implementing an efficient visitor management system should be one of your top priorities. It can

7 Things To Look For When Choosing A Visitor Management System

Whether it is a potential client, a candidate for an interview, a supplier, or a lawyer, a visitor is any person other than your employees in your workplace. To identify and manage the visitors, organizations require a robust visitor management system. But choosing an efficient visitor management system is crucial because it not only enhances

3 Ways A Visitor Management System Improves Workplace Security

In today’s digital age, the meaning of workplace security has expanded vastly. Organizations should not only consider employee, customers and financial safety from external factors such as fire, natural disasters, chemical spills, civil disturbances, robbery, etc., but also from internal factors like workplace violence, employee theft, intellectual property theft, and data theft. There are a

6 Reasons Why You Should Use An Electronic Visitor Management System

Everything around us is automated. Whether it’s the vending machine in your office or online shopping, there is hardly anything which isn’t influenced by digital technology. Yet there are many businesses which still rely on the manual, paper-based visitor management systems, Not only these are outdated systems, but also difficult and time-consuming to manage. Most

Workplace Security and Visitor Management

As a business owner or a company’s CEO you have to be obvious to the fact that your workplace is going to be open to different kind of visitors, which may include regular clients, potential customers, and probably as a result of you having employees who may have family members checking on them at work