Kiosks are Dead, Long live the Kiosk

Kiosks are Dead, Long live the Kiosk   Due to the Coronavirus Pandemic many companies in different sectors and industries have had to adopt new technologies. Many of these new technologies are completely contactless. These contactless technologies have been adapted by all sectors and industries around the world. Here are a couple of examples of

How to configure Visitly for COVID-19

Capture information from Visitors on potential exposure Add a custom field for additional information you would like to capture. For example, you can have a Radio button field as “Potential COVID-19 Exposure” with option of Yes or No. Navigate to your location and edit visitor types to include this custom field on the forms and

7 Effective Ways to Implement Your Visitor Management System

Whether it’s a corporate office, warehouse or a store front, if you have a business that gets a lot of visitors on a daily basis, then it can be difficult to track the records of so many people manually. Therefore, implementing an efficient visitor management system should be one of your top priorities. It can

7 Things To Look For When Choosing A Visitor Management System

Whether it is a potential client, a candidate for an interview, a supplier, or a lawyer, a visitor is any person other than your employees in your workplace. To identify and manage the visitors, organizations require a robust visitor management system. But choosing an efficient visitor management system is crucial because it not only enhances

3 Ways A Visitor Management System Improves Workplace Security

In today’s digital age, the meaning of workplace security has expanded vastly. Organizations should not only consider employee, customers and financial safety from external factors such as fire, natural disasters, chemical spills, civil disturbances, robbery, etc., but also from internal factors like workplace violence, employee theft, intellectual property theft, and data theft. There are a

6 Reasons Why You Should Use An Electronic Visitor Management System

Everything around us is automated. Whether it’s the vending machine in your office or online shopping, there is hardly anything which isn’t influenced by digital technology. Yet there are many businesses which still rely on the manual, paper-based visitor management systems, Not only these are outdated systems, but also difficult and time-consuming to manage. Most

Workplace Security and Visitor Management

As a business owner or a company’s CEO you have to be obvious to the fact that your workplace is going to be open to different kind of visitors, which may include regular clients, potential customers, and probably as a result of you having employees who may have family members checking on them at work

Facility Management and an Advanced Workplace

Business entrepreneurs are beginning to see the need for the facilities management in assisting them to elevate their business to greater levels. In businesses, certain aspects of the business could be found wanting in productivity compared to other aspects and these lacking aspects could eventually lead to the downfall of the business even if it’s

Creating a great impression on customers/visitors at your company

If you want your business to boom creating a good impression on your customers on their first visit to your company matters a lot. The amount of good reception you and your employee's display will go a long way in determining how good your visitor's experience will turn how to be. Nowadays with the influence

What is a Visitor Management System?

First impressions are everything. If your visitor’s entrance is cumbersome, full of handwritten names and digging through emails for their host’s name, that mood will carry on throughout their entire visit. Whether it’s for an interview, a demo, or a friend or family just stopping by to say hello, having a easy-to-use visitor check in