If you want your business to boom creating a good impression on your customers on their first visit to your company matters a lot. The amount of good reception you and your employee’s display will go a long way in determining how good your visitor’s experience will turn how to be. Nowadays with the influence of social media, news gets around fast and it includes both negative and positive which affects your business. This write-up aims to outline some basic steps you may take to make your visitors feel pleasant, welcomed and how to make them have a good experience.

Have all your employees well trained on customer service

Majority of customers are usually undecided on whether to patronize the company they have just stepped into, they often tend to watch out for the company’s reception to form a basis for their decision. Once a company’s reception is bad a customer doesn’t think twice before condemning them, meanwhile, a good reception will bring about a prompt decision to patronize the company. So, train your staff on how to make good eye contact, to smile at all times and to always ask customers if there’s anything they can do to help. Have in mind that customers with good experience spread the news, but if they encounter bad experience with your company, they tend to spread the news to a large number of people.

The Front desk / Receptionist should be well informed of their Importance to the organization on creating a good impression on clients/visitors

Upon entry into an organization, the first person a visitor/customer meets is the front desk personnel/receptionist from whom he gets his first impression. Therefore, front desk personnel/ Receptionist should try his / her best to give customers friendly eye contact and demeanor even while busy on the phone, this is to eradicate any feeling of neglect a potential customer might be feeling.

The spirit of perseverance should be your company’s driving force

No matter the workload any employees have to face, customers should always be given top priority. This also includes the nature of some client request notwithstanding the nature of such request, efforts should be made to ensure them of satisfying their need. All these places you a step ahead of your competitors in your customers’ view. Also, no matter how terrible some client’s behavior may be, employees should be trained on being very accommodating at all times

Your company should look very neat, attractive and conducive

Make sure your company’s environment is clean, maintained on regular basis. Client’s first observation is the environment they are stepping into. No one wants to go back to an organization that is dirty, tattered looking and unmaintained. Your working environment should be handled by the cleaning personnel on an hourly basis. Painting of walls and decorations should be handled by an expert. Documents also should be well arranged and not strewn around. Be conscious of your company’s outlook; view it constantly from a Visitors perspective.

Refreshments like water dispenser and coffee dispensers should be made available for visitors

Provide nice coffee and water dispenser in the waiting room. It should be displayed in a place where it will be accessible to customers and they would also be able to serve themselves. Some companies have been known to displayed nice expensive candies in attractive containers for customers who want them.

Display Daily newspaper in waiting rooms:

Customers who are restless will have their attention captured by the dailies which you provide.

Note: you may also go the extra mile to display your company’s principles, in that way u get fewer customers’ insubordination.

Learn how to impress your clients and new customers with the above points and provide a means of growth to your business. How will you feel when you have your front desk service handled by a modern technology to reduce the stress? If you will like to have a look, you are just a click away from getting your company the best technology to handle visitor management smartly and securely with Visitly.

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