Customer Stories

"Visitly has made a very positive impression on our customers. Many have asked what program we are using! Additionally, it has allowed us to easily meet any compliance measures needed."
Judy Dugas
Judy Dugas
President, Advanced Research Corporation
"Visitly gave us an opportunity to monitor visitors closely throughout our facility and allow us to incorporate some of our required materials onto the software so we keep everything in one spot and things are done in one spot as well."
Will Sanchez
Customer Success, Precision Plus
"Visitly helps us to keep track on visiting professionals and ability to report to our Board. Also now great to track staff movement in the building with COVID"
Bradley Tarr
General Manager, Corporate Services, NDCH
"Visitly has easy user friendly interface both on tablet and pc!"
Emma Graham
Safety & Compliance Manager
"With Vistly, we've been able to stream line the user check in process, as well as improve the image of our front desk operations by moving away from a traditional clipboard sign in sheet"
Chris Rosa
IT Manager, Drivesavers