A study conducted in the US and UK summarized that at least two people out of every five view a company negatively if their experience at the reception was not up-to-the-mark and lackadaisical. Face-to-face meetings contribute significantly to overall business revenues across all industries. And you would typically want your visitors who come to your office for a business meeting to have a smooth and super-impressive experience.

The visitor management app for iPad is the perfect solution for managing, monitoring and providing optimal visitor experiences. Compared to the manual systems and other automated processes, the iPad app is fast, seamless, smooth and best of all, it provides real-time information to authorities and officials about the movement of the visitor in your premises.

The right visitor management app for iPad usually works as a digitized receptionist enabling the visitors to sign-in at the premises all on their own. The smart digitized process typically involves four distinct phases:

  • screen for capturing relevant data of visitors;
  • screen for capturing the real-time image of the visitor;
  • printing of a badge and notifying the person about the arrival of the visitor; and
  • signing the non-disclosure agreement or a legal document digitally.

With the manual system, the visitor management system suffered from multiple shortcomings. It needed constant human monitoring, had numerous scopes for errors, was heavily dependent on the receptionist to record every detail and keep a track of the visitor movement.

Now, with digitization through smart apps, the security and front office department are able to keep a close watch in the real-time on the activities and movement of the visitor from the check-in point to checkout. All these features enhance the security system of the establishment along with offering a positive brand image. Since corporate meetings are so essential for the success of the business, it is critical that business entities such as offices, schools and colleges use the right visitor management app for iPads.

The right app will be cloud based, enabling easy access to the right personnel from any place and at any time.

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