Visitly Features

iPad App for Visitor Sign In

iPad Application
iPad Sign in and Sign Out

Your guests, visitors, contractors and employees can easily sign in and sign out using our modern iPad application. Typical sign in process completes in less than a minute.

iPad Setup

iPad can be added to your org in less 1 minute. Scan your site QR code and enter some basic information and you are up and running.

Branding/Look and Feel

You can customize the ipad app’s look & feel and branding based on your organization needs. You can customize the background, logo, colors etc to match your organizational theme.

Multiple Languages

Visitly iPad application supports 10 global languages. Choose the language of your preference to give personalized experience to your visitors on the iPad application. Supported languages are English, Spanish, Italian, German, Swedish, Polish, Portuguese, Finnish, French and Norwegian

Default Settings

Based on our extensive experience in Visitor Management, as soon as you sign up with us, we setup a default configuration with typically used visitor types, legal documents etc. for you. If you are fine with the defaut config, you can be up and running in minutes or change based on your needs.

Visitor Types

You can change existing visitor types or define your own based on your needs. Depending on the user selection, iPad will show only what you have configured

Sign In Flows

Configure what fields to show for visitor types, if any legal document needs to be signed or photo needs to be taken. All on your fingertips to configure easily.

Print Badge

Print instant badges on visitors’ sign-in with all their information and photo. Configurable based on visitor type.

Take Photo

Take high resolution photos for your visitors and store it securely for security and compliance.

Sign Legal Documents/NDA

Manage multiple templates for legal documents. Associate the template with the corresponding visitor type and the app will show it to the visitor to sign during the sign-in flow.

Customize Badge

Configure the settings for how the visitor badge needs to be printed. Select the layout, what information should be on the badge and more.

Facial Recognition

Automatically recognize returning visitors using Facial Recognition. Their information will be pre-filled using their prior visit information. A huge time saver.

Web Dashboard

Rich dashboards with advanced filters to show you visitor traffic across sites and locations. Manage your staff based on the number of visitors you are seeing.

Visitor Log

Central web based visitor log with live search, showing all the visitor information with picture, document signed and much more. Ability to create a new entry from the Web portal if necessary


Visitly can send real time notifications to your hosts and/or custom recipients on visitor sign-in and sign-out. Completely configurable using the admin portal on what channels to be used for what type of events. Visitly supports Email, SMS, Slack and WebEx teams notifications. Customize the email and SMS templates to send information based on your requirements.

Pre Register Visitors

Pre-register your upcoming visitors and send them an invitation with a QR code. When they arrive, they can finish the sign in within seconds

Evacuation Management

Use Visitly evacuation management for tracking visitors onsite, evacuation list and safety for your visitors. You can track who is inside and outside the building and ensure everyone’s safety. Print evacuation summary and report for compliance and reporting needs

Host Login

Your hosts can login to Visitly portal to view and track their visitors and search the employee directory.

COMING SOON – Hosts will be able to invite and pre-register visitors for a faster sign in experience.

Delegate User Notification

You can setup one or more delegates for your hosts who will receive notification on the host’s behalf. Ideal for your executives to send notifications to their assistants to receive visitors


Configure your org settings, feature flags, locations, devices, visitor types, document templates and users from an easy to use admin portal. You can also bulk import your hosts using a simple csv. You can have different settings based on your locations. Manage it all using one simple application

Auto Sign Out at midnight

Visitly will auto sign out your visitors at midnight keeping your visitor log clean and up to date. No need to manually update the date if someone forgets to sign out


Set up your administrators as Global admins or Front desk admins. Front desk admins have restricted access to only view and manage the visitor log. Global admins can change the organizational settings for

Export Data

All the visitor data can be exported and archived for compliance or other reasons.

Company Directory

Searchable directory for your front desk staff to lookup Host information and their details such as email, phone number etc. right at their fingertips


If your company uses Slack, your hosts will love this feature. Integrate Visitly with Slack for realtime notifications of visitors’ arrival and sign out. See all the visitor information including their picture on your channel of choice.

Webex Teams

Visitly integrates with Cisco WebEx Teams (formerly Cisco Spark) for real time notifications to your hosts for visitors’ arrival and sign out.

Google Hangouts

Visitly integrates with Google Hangouts for real time notifications to your hosts for visitors’ arrival and sign out.

Active Directory

Synchronize your active directory to import list of hosts into Visitly. Schedule import using a simple script and keep the data in sync.

Single Sign On

Visitly integrates with all the major SSO platform for proving seamless login to Visitly dashboard. Connect your Okta, OneLogin, G Suite account to Visitly


Visitly can publish sign in and sign out event to a URL of your choice that you can use to build your own integrations.

With the iPad App for visitor sign-in in a visitor management system, there can be a number of tasks that can be facilitated by one single device. It acts as a receptionist or a front office executive and therefore aptly called an iPad receptionist app. The iPad App for visitor sign-in performs all tasks that were being done by a receptionist in a workplace. The iPad App for visitor sign-in performs multiple functions that help multiple departments in an organization.

Features of the iPad receptionist App:
  • Proper fields for entering data relevant to visitors and contractors is available on the iPad receptionist App. This is mostly available in the form of self-check-in. Be it your own employees or visitors, using the easy-to-use interface, everyone can enter their details themselves. Businesses can choose and customize relevant fields that they want visitors and employees to enter.
  • The iPad receptionist App can be branded with logo and USP’s on the iPad to give a professional touch to the system.
  • The best thing is that the iPad visitor sign-in App is available in different languages which means that visitors from different nationalities can conveniently do a self-check-in in their own native language.
  • The iPad App for visitor sign-in is used for fast and convenient printing of badge for visitors and it can be as detailed or summarized as the organization feels.
  • iPad receptionist Apps also has the feature of recognizing the face of return visitors.

Using the iPad receptionist App facilitates all front-desk related work and more.