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Contactless Sign-In

Avoid contact with shared surfaces

Tablet Sign-In/Out

Make a great first impression

Employee In/Out

Capture and track In/out for staff/employees


Showcase your company brand

Pre-register visitors

Send invites to visitors for a easier sign-in experience

Fire / evacuation list

Ensure your visitors are safe in case of emergencies

Policies/NDAs Signing

Capture digital acceptance and be in compliance

Watchlist Rules

Configure rules to block/allow certain visitors


Instant notifications using channel of your choice

Facial Recognition

Recognize returning visitors automatically

Dashboard & Reports

Measure and manage visitor traffic

Company Directory

Staff contact details at your fingertips

QR codes

Save time by signing in using QR codes

Host Mobile app

Let your staff manage and invite visitors

Custom forms fields

Capture information as you like

Visitor photos

Capture visitor photo using inbuilt camera


Use your language of choice

Online portal

Manage multiple locations and configuration centrally

Print custom badges

Manage multiple locations and configuration centrally

Security & Privacy

Enterprise security and GDPR/CCPA compliance


Integrate with your existing systems

Modernize your Workplace Now!

Modernize your Workplace Now!

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