Capture information from Visitors on potential exposure

  • Add a custom field for additional information you would like to capture. For example, you can have a Radio button field as “Potential COVID-19 Exposure” with option of Yes or No.

  • Navigate to your location and edit visitor types to include this custom field on the forms and save.

For more on how to setup and configure custom fields on Visitly, please refer our Knowledge base here.

Configure Notification Templates

Configure notification template for Email and SMS to include additional custom field defined above. You can use the short code of the field in the templates and highlight it in red.

To know more on how to configure notification templates, please refer our knowledge base article here

Configure Watchlist Rule and Alert

Visitly watchlist feature allows you to configure rules to review the visitor before they are allowed entry into the facility. When the watchlist rules are met, the visit is put in a “In Review” status. The administrators can then review the details and Approve or Decline the entry of the visitor. To set up this feature for COVID-19 scenario, please follow below steps.

  • Configure a rule in Global or Local watchlist for the defined custom field.

Please make sure you enable Visitor Watchlist for each location you would like to run these rules for.

  • Configure Notification on who needs to be alerted when this rule is met. You can configure your Health inspector, Site Safety Administrator or anyone else depending on your requirements. You can have more than one notification using different channels such as Email and SMS.


To know more on configuring notifications, please refer our knowledge base article here.

Please reach out to us at [email protected] for any questions or if you need help with the above configuration.

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