A visitor management system at the front desk helps capture visitor information that is crucial data. This is important in today’s times in order to protect and safeguard your organization’s data, employee details, and also the property overall.

One aspect of the visitor management system is the point where the visitor data is being captured at the reception or the front office. Manual processes had many possibilities of errors while recording the data. From simple spelling mistakes to missing out completely in noting the arrival of a visitor; recording falsified data and having no photographs of the visitor – there are many mistakes that a receptionist can make in a manually-driven process. The iPad Visitor Management serves as the perfect solution because it is empowered with features that eliminate all issues related to the manual system.

  • Reduces redundancy – The name, address, contact details, ID, etc. of the guest needs to be filled up by him in the iPad Visitor Management system.
  • Increased level of security – The image of the person is captured at the point of check-in. Visitors are also required to mandatorily sign on a Non-Disclosure Agreement or NDA that helps protect confidential information of the company. All visitors who check-in need to check out too, thereby ensuring that each visitor loop is completed and closed.
  • Saves time – The employee, or the host who is to meet the visitor is notified instantly as soon as the visitor checks in through SMS or email, sent automatically from the iPad. Visitor badges are automatically printed from the iPad Visitor Management System. Thus, there is no need to manually man the front desk or the reception and even if there is a receptionist, she can use her time on completing other productive work.

Analytics – The manual system could never really provide correct and up-to-date data to the management on guest arrivals and departures because the probabilities of error were always high. With the iPad Visitor Management System, data is recorded and available in real-time. This means tracking visitors becomes simple and using the information captured to make critical decisions also becomes better with this iPad system.

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