Visitor Management has advanced and evolved in these modern times with various making this task easier, hassle-free, efficient, and quicker than ever. This system helps to greet, identify, and efficiently move along visitors. In informal organizations with no standardized systems in place, using iPad Visitor Management can prove to be a huge benefit. There is no need to have a dedicated receptionist to streamline the process. This app logs in the date of visit, check-in time, email address, phone number, name, contact information, the reason for the visit, a person being met, and check-out time.

Easy and Hassle-free Collection of Data

Using iPad Visitor Management has made collecting relevant data easier than ever. It had replaced visitors log where a receptionist or the visitor himself entered each detail painstakingly before he was granted access to the premises. Many times, illegible handwriting made it impossible to understand the information when required.

Accurate Data Collection

iPad Visitor Management makes the collection of data quick and precise. As part of their check-in process, they have to fill in details in every designated field. They cannot skin any field. Since no handwriting is involved in entering the information, there is no problem with accuracy and legibility. This rule out receptionist or the visitor coming wrong information or in handwriting were making out words is next to impossible. The system also allows inclusions of attachments. A receptionist can make human errors and forget to fill NDA or a Non-disclosure agreement or waiver a sign, but the system doesn’t forget it. These signatures are collected through an e-signature app and file and record them until they are needed.

The use of the iPad visitor management system has made a transfer of visitor’s data automatically into the Customer Relations Management System. This is a piece of valuable information which allows the management to follow up with the visitors. Sending thank you notes after their visit helps in making a great impression. These thank you notes can also be sent to job applicants, information to vendors, offers to prospective clients, and more, thus paving the way for good customer relations. Therefore, proper data collection through this system has several advantages.

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