“Hello, I was invited here by Emma for a demo of one of your new products”

“Oh, okay. Do you happen to know her last name? We have several people here that go by that name.”

“Sure, uhh, let me check my email.”

“Also, can you sign in here? Just your name and company, please.”

“Sure. I found an email. Her name is Emma Crestfall.”

“Thanks! I’ll let her know you’re waiting… I’m sorry, I can’t quite read your company’s name. How do you spell it?”

First impressions are everything. If your visitor’s entrance is cumbersome, full of handwritten names and digging through emails for their host’s name, that mood will carry on throughout their entire visit. Whether it’s for an interview, a demo, or a friend or family just stopping by to say hello, having a easy-to-use visitor check in system is crucial to any business. And in today’s age, with the technology that we have, there’s no reason not to have the entire process electronic. It allows for a much quicker and streamlined experience for visitors. It allows you to type your name in, so you don’t have to worry about your penmanship. You can automate host lookup, so visitors don’t have to pull up emails their host may have sent to them. If there are any documents such as NDAs to sign, there’s no need for physical paper and a pen, everything can be done on a tablet, signed with their finger, submitted and stored in the cloud for reference. This is what a Visitor Management System (VMS) entails.

When we add technology to the equation, suddenly new doors open up for us. Can we automatically notify our hosts that someone is waiting for them? How about taking a picture of them for our records? Printing out a badge for them with all their info? You bet! Additionally, you now have the ability to track who came in and out through an online interface, with all the information stored in the cloud, so there’s no setup for you to do.

We’re in an age where there are electric cars with internet and face-recognizing phones, let’s bring our visitor check in processes up to snuff. What else lies in our future? Well, imagine you have a regular visitor, wouldn’t it be great if they didn’t have to fill out all their information again? Perhaps we can send them a badge which your VMS can scan, and use it to pull up all the visitor’s information? Speaking of facial recognition in phones, what if the VMS could scan the user’s face and pull up the information from their last visit and pre-fill it for them? With Visitly, you can do all that, resulting in a check in process of under 20 seconds! Quite the contrast from trying to read a visitor’s handwriting and trying to find out who they’re here to visit.

There’s so much more you can do with a check in system. Allow your employees to clock in easily, allow parents to pick up their children from pre-school, allow your patients to e-sign their endless forms on a tablet, the list goes on. We’re working on making the process as seamless as possible for visitors in all areas. Why not play your part in making your visitors’ lives easier by giving it a shot?

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