As a business owner or a company’s CEO you have to be obvious to the fact that your workplace is going to be open to different kind of visitors, which may include regular clients, potential customers, and probably as a result of you having employees who may have family members checking on them at work and that doesn’t exempt you as your own family will also visit you at work. Now the big question is ‘how can you secure a very reliable visitor management in your place of work?’ You must be aware that this is necessary for efficiency within your organization in order to ascertain and record people’s reason for visiting your workplace as well as for security reasons. Note that, no form of organization notwithstanding its size or function is exempted from having a well-secured visitor management process.

Verify Visitor’s Identity and the reason for the visit

Appropriate personnel should be instructed about on the verification of the visitor’s identity in order to keep your environment safe. They must know that valid means of identification only should be accepted from visitors and such means include National / State ID card, an international passport, or a driver’s license. Just in case, you should know that a business card is by no means of a valid identification and shouldn’t be accepted. Before a visitor is admitted into the main walls of an organization he/she must possess an honest reason for visiting the organization. A meeting with a host Employee should be fixed beforehand and documented with the appropriate personnel, for unexpected visitors should not be given access into the building.

Maintain good facility management

This involves issuing of ID badges to visitors allowed into the building. You may decide to restrict movements within the facilities for visitors by assigning personnel’s to guide their movements and also include pictures in their badges to differentiate them from employees. Include details of their reason for visit and expiration date. Employees also should be issued ID badges. All these are to ensure that all people within the facilities have a reason to be there.

Employ High tech Security

To ensure maximum security at your organization employing high tech security is your best bet. Depending on the nature of your business, you may want to screen visitors for weapons, bombs and bugging devices. These high tech security implements include package x-rays, metal detectors, walk through scanners. All meant for both employees and visitors. There is also a digital way of capturing a person’s signature into your security system for verification.

Have a digital visitor’s log

A visitor management system using a digital log of everyone who came to your office and for how long they stayed is preferable when problem arise.

Having a reliable, modernized and simplified visitor’s management process maintains a safe environment and organized administration. Sign up with Visitly for an affordable and easy to use digital visitor log and secure your workplace.

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