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Electronic Visitor Management System

Simple, modern and fast visitor management for your visitors, customers, contractors and employees to sign in and sign out







Electronic Visitor Management System

Modern Visitor Management

iPad Visitor Management

Fast and Easy Tablet Sign In App

Use the Visitly iPad sign in app at your front desk or lobby and provide a fast and easy way for your visitors, guest and employees to fill in their information, digitally sign documents and capture their photo ID. Your visitors or employees can sign in and sign out within few seconds. Configure look and feel, colors, logo based on your brand. Add as many custom fields as radio button, drop down, dates etc based on your requirements.

Web Dashboard

Online web based electronic visitor log for your administrators and front desk staff to view all the visitors, guests or employees signing in and out of your location. Administrators can manage your sites, locations, devices and other settings in an easy to use navigation and UI.  Rich dashboards provides key metrics such as busy time of the day and various other information for you to plan accordingly.

Visitor Sign in Software
Electronic Visitor Sign in System

Realtime Host Notifications

With Visitly you can integrate automated real time notification to your Hosts based on your preferred communication method. Use out of the box notifications with Email, SMS, Slack, Webex Teams for realtime notifications to your hosts and other recipients on visitors sign in and sign out.

Instant Badge Printing

Print a visitor badge instantly on any approved wireless or bluetooth thermal printer on visitors’ sign in. Easily configure options for printing badges on the web portal and customize based on your needs

Visitor Management App
Visitor Management

Facial Recognition

We understand how painful it is for visitors to enter same information over and over again. With facial recognition enabled, your returning visitors’ information can be pre-filled for a smooth and fast sign in process and provide a great experience to your guests and visitors

Visitor Evacuation Management

Do not leave your visitors behind in case of emergencies and evacuation. Use Visitly to roll call your onsite visitors and track their safety. Print and save evacuation report for compliance and reporting needs.

Visitor Management System iPad

Electronic visitor management system for faster and simpler tracking of human on-premise movements

Monitoring visitors is highly crucial today; especially, in a world that is increasingly becoming unsafe to live in. From corporate offices to business complexes, airports to hotels, residential estates to flats in high-rise buildings; the need to have the right visitor tracking system has become critical in modern times which is why there is a growing demand for iPad-based electronic visitor management system. Manual visitor management systems have been used for ages ever since the security of a premise started to become an important aspect. However, it has its own failure points that did not offer much in terms of output and productivity.

The electronic visitor management system with a digitized sign-in feature was designed to cover the flaws of the manual system. Automating the system gave it all the benefits that a typical digitized system is blessed with.

An electronic visitor management system consists of

  • a visitor sign-in system that uses a smart device like the iPad for guest sign-in.
  • The iPad or the smart device, could be a smartphone has an App that is specifically made and customized to enable faster collection of visitor information.
  • The App or the visitor sign-in system is also programmed in a way that it captures the real-time image of the visitor as well as his credentials and government ID record. This is one aspect that differentiates the electronic visitor management system effectively from the manual system because in case of the latter, it was never really possible to click a photo of the visitor as a proof of his visit.
  • The visitor sign-in system is not the only feature that is great about the electronic system. It notifies the employee for whom the guest or the visitor has entered the premise and also tracks the duration for which the visitor stays on the premises. This adds another level of security where the App on the iPad can be used effectively by the security and the front office to keep a track of visitor movement.

For the security department, the App is a great blessing. Through the use of the iPad they can keep a watch in the real-time on all visitors entering and leaving their premises. The App can also generate customized reports at the end of the day or month or any other duration of time for the management to take crucial decisions related to visitor and employee meetings.

The iPad-based electronic visitor management system with digitized sign-in facility helps the human resources department too to cut down on redundancy of work.

Why Choose Visitly?

Easy Install

Setup and installations takes few minutes. With predefined visitor types and flows, you can be up and running in minutes


Super low pricing per location. Use the plan suitable for your usage and needs


Your best first impression on your guests and customers with an easy and modern sign in experience


All of data securely stored and backed up regularly

Cloud Based

No need to run any servers or softwares on your environment. Everything is cloud hosted and available 24×7

Out of the box Integrations

Integrate with Slack or webex Teams for notifications or with Active Directory for Host sync, out of the box


Use default setup or customize to your needs. Look and feel, sign in flows, visitor types etc.


Our customer support have been rated  five stars, because we know that every issue have a solution